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Tonight we had conformation class with tonight’s focus being back onto our Chihuahuas. Hope brought Spike and she worked with him and I brought Beamer to practice to help build up his confidence in the ring. He needs to be confident and relax.

Both of the boys did a great job in class tonight. Me and Hope and the dogs were all giggling and playful and having a great time. And at the conformation class the building can get very cold and that was until the boys noticed the air vent in the back of the corner of the room. The buildings here at the fairgrounds are metal and full of echoes and noises and they were getting freaked out. Both boys are still very young so to have them exposed now is great thing and all three dogs did a fantastic job.

Hope worked with Spike and Smoochie and I worked with Beamer. Your supposed to be focusing on your dog and the judge not the people or there other dogs. We brought Smoochie for some socialization because she needs to be socialized with other big breed dogs and people. She got a lot of holding ring side and that’s what she needs. We decided to give her a go for the last trip around the ring for the night and she did a pretty good job. She was still spooked but showing her it’s all going to be ok and having a wonderful instructor that wouldn’t let her get away with it was great.

The lady was very nice and calm about it and she was patient and gentle. We made it so that we ended the night on a major positive note so we decide to send her home with Hope and her mom Mrs. Ernestine. We sent her home with Hope for some exposure and socialization.

We ended the class with a very good day and a very fun day too. I’m so happy that Beamer Smoochie and Spike did a great job at dog class tonight. In the few past days at conformation class I’ve been learning a lot so far from Mrs. Mary Lynn and that’s very good.

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Today mom and I went to Hope’s house and I slept over at her house. I got to meet her new Mastiff named Ramona. She’s a puppy. When I first met Ramona she looked so happy and excited. She is so cute and adorable and she loves me and she also loves other people and she mostly loves her mommy named Hope. Every dog you get attached to you and loves on you and it’s so sweet. She’s a sweet dog.

I’ve never seen a Mastiff puppy before so it was pretty cool to get to meet her. Hope let me run with her and she also let me stack her too. When you stack a Mastiff puppy, it’s easier to stack than an adult. When they get bigger and turn into an adult, it’s hard to stack them.

I love to work and practice with big breed dogs and I enjoy doing it. Showing other people’s dogs for them is a job and you get paid money and it’s a sport. A lot of people have been doing this sport for a very long time and they enjoy doing it. It’s a very fun sport

I slept over twice at Hope’s house and we hung out and had a fun time. Ramona sleeps in a cage in Hope’s bed room. I helped Hope take care of her chores and I also helped her feed her animals. She lives on a farm so I helped my friend Hope out.

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Mom and I went to Joann’s today and we found all of these great beads. They are all the right size for me to make show leads with beads on them. Mrs. Ernestine showed me how to make them and I asked mom if we could try to make. She said we could so we got some paracord and other stuff as well as a lot of beads. I can’t wait to make them and add them to our store. I also want to make one for me to use with Boomer and one for Hope to use with Ramona. I will make them in our favorite colors.

Today my mom and I went to conformation class and my friend Hope and her mom went to class as well. This year they have changed up the schedule a bit with Tuesday’s classes being held at 7:00pm and Wednesday’s at 8:00pm. Wednesday classes have always been smaller so I hope we could get Smoochie a bit of one-on-one experience.

All I can say is I watched our reserved little one become terrified and nippy in less than five minutes. Tonight’s class had no other toy breeds and that was the first mistake. A five month old Chihuahua in a ring with dogs 300% bigger than her and didn’t start out very well because she’s scared of the big dogs and I understand why.  She was walking with big dogs and when there was a big dog behind us the dog came up too close and freaked her out so she stopped and slammed on the break. I tugged as not to be left behind in the group. She’s a scared little Chihuahua and that’s all.

We need to start bringing her to shows and events and pass her around to other people so people can hold her and pet her because she needs to get socialize with other people and dogs. And she also needs to quit being so afraid of other people and she needs to learn to not growl or bite other people because that’s wrong and not nice. Maybe next time we bring her to dog class she’ll do a better job.

Mrs. Maria was so nice to help us make make the experience a more positive one for Smoochie even after she tried to bite Mrs. Maria on the table. Mrs. Maria and Mrs. Kristie were holding Smoochie to give her a start on her socialization.

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Tonight my mom and I went to conformation class at the Fairground and of course we have several dogs that need some exposure and need to be socialize by other big dogs and also people.  Of course I need some one-on-one lessons on showing a Pug too. I thought we could pack up Beamer for tonight’s class and see if Mrs. Mary Lynn can give me some pointers on how to get his rear end up while he is stacked on the table or even self stacking! Beamers two faults are he’s got a bad tail set and a bad rear end.  But when he walks he puts his tail up but some Chihuahuas don’t put their tail up.

This was a very big class and there were a lot of people tonight. Mrs Mary-Lynn was teaching me how to do the L pattern. When you do an L pattern you have to switch hands two times and sometimes it can be very confusing to me. Sometimes I get confused and don’t understand sometimes but sometimes it’s easy.

I didn’t get a lot of one-on-one time because there were a lot of people there but that’s ok though maybe next time. Mrs. Mary Lynn is very good at being a Judge and I’ve learned a lot from her.  She’s also very pretty and she’s really funny and nice. I like her a lot because she’s nice. She’s very good at teaching us and working with us and she’s taught me a lot and that’s great.

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Today I went to the grooming shop and Mrs. Emily brought her family’s Boston Terrier named Earl for me to groom him. She wanted to help teach me how to take care of a Pug when I get one. A Boston Terrier is kinda the same thing like a Pug so I learned how to clean the Boston Terrier’s ears and nose and I also clipped his nails too.

The reason she let me work with her Boston Terrier is so we’re prepared for Boomer’s arrival. I can’t wait to get Boomer and bring him home so he can’t meet my dad and brother and also get to meet all of our Chihuahuas too. I’m so excited and happy and can’t wait to get him. And I can’t wait to get a Pug and him to be part of our family and I also can’t wait to show him in breed and juniors.

Today my dad and I made dog biscuits together an fit was so much fun.

I have been trying to come up with ideas for what I can make and put in the Figgy Chi Gear Store. We found this cool recipe and made home made liver and cottage cheese biscuits. I love to cook and bake. I love to cook with my dad and I love to bake with my mom and dad. It’s a lot of fun. So why not bake and make something for the dogs that I could also sell in the store?

The first things we had to do was boil the livers. I don’t really like liver because it’s really gross. They are so slimy! Once they were cooked, we but them in a food processor with while eggs, shells and all. We took that mixture along with all of the the ingredients to make the biscuits. After we were done we gave some to our dogs to test out, and of course they loved them. They all were crowded around me. We made some amazing biscuits for our dogs and other peoples dogs. You can use it for bait when you go to dog shows and show your dogs.

I had a handful of bait in my hand so I could give some to all of our dogs. Some of our dogs will fight over them if they take a whole biscuit and run off with it so sometimes I would break up the fight so they don’t hurt each other. I enjoy making dog biscuits for my Chihuahuas but I don’t enjoy seeing them fight so much over dog treats. They only get dog biscuits when there good but if there being bad they don’t get any.

It was a very fun day and I enjoyed making dog biscuits with my dad.

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Today we went to the grooming shop and we brought Chewy, Sarah’s dog because he needed to get groomed. He needs to get trimmed up so we brought him to the grooming shop for Hope and I to groom him. We bathed him first and then we blowed dried him. I got to shave him and while we were shaving him, he was not very happy. He would get very upset and he was a real pistol. Mrs. Emily had to come and help us so we finally got to shave him down. He was a bad boy at first but then he finally became a good boy.

At first he was very dirty and he also had a lot of hair so we had to give him a bath so he would smell better and look better.  Of course when we were done, he looked much better. Now he has just some hair on his tail and his ears. We did a very good job. We also groomed another dog. It is one of Hope’s and he is a Shit Suiz named Little Man. Little man was way easier to groom then Chewy. Chewy was a handful but we learned a lot and that’s why we do it!

My mom has been searching for a new breed with more substance but small enough to tolerate being surrounded by a pack of Chihuahuas for me to show in Juniors. Teddy has been wonderful for me to use in Juniors but he is getting older and he has earned the chance to retire from the show world. I want a little bit of a bigger toy breed dog to show so I can win more because with Teddy I haven’t been winning with him lately. I’ve never shown a different toy breed dog before and I want a chance to win.

Our second favorite toy breed dog is the Pug. My family and I have always loved Pugs and we have always wanted one. I think they’re so cute. So on Saturday, I stayed at the hotel while my mom met this wonderful lady name Mrs. Rayna who happens to breed Pugs. My mom saw her sitting ringside over the weekend in Elkton, so she went and talked with her for a long time. My mom was talking to her about helping me find a Pug to start showing in Juniors. My mom has been looking for a younger champion Pug for me to start showing in Juniors and Breed. There are no local show pug breeders and very rarely have I ever seen more than five in the ring at a show so to run into her appeared to be major sign.

We will be welcoming Boomer, a 4 year old champion Pug into our family next month. And I am so very proud and excited!  I can’t wait to get a Pug to start showing in breed and juniors. I also can’t wait to meet him and see what he looks like.

Pugs have a lot of Health problems like if they’re outside to long they could die and they will get over heated. We don’t want that to happen! If they eat too much food they will have a hard time breathing and will weigh too much. They fart a lot and they also snore a lot too. If they get too hot you will have to squirt water into their mouth and sometimes you have to put an ice pack on them or put a wet towel on them. They have to sleep in a cage at night and you have to put a fan by their cage. You also have to make sure their face rolls are cleaned. If they aren’t cleaned,   they will get dirt in their rolls . They get infected and that won’t be good at all. You don’t want to give them too much food of their get to fat and over weight and that’s bad. There’s not a lot of Pugs that live in Florida and there’s mostly a lot of pugs up North.

Thank you mom and Mrs. Rayna for helping me out find a Pug to start showing in Juniors. I couldn’t ever do this without you guys so Thank you very much for all your support and helping me reach my dream.

I finally got to meet Mrs. Rayna and she’s a very nice lady. I got to meet her at the dog show today and talk to her and I also got to watch her and her friend show their Pugs. That was pretty awesome to watch them show their Pugs. It was pretty awesome to meet a wonderful lady and it was nice to sit down and talk to her. She’s an amazing lady and she’s really good at showing dogs.

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Today I showed in Elkton again and I showed Beamer in Breed. I was the first one, and I was in the ring by myself. I got reserve … I should say we both got reserve.

The judge was very nice. Beamer and I did a great job. He had his tail up and he also had his ears up too. He was so happy and excited and you could tell he was having a good time. Beamer is a very funny dog and he’s so cute and he’s a black and brown smooth coat. Then I went back in the ring again and I wasn’t  by myself . Today. Mr. Pat got first place and he did a great job and we both did a great job.

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