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Tonight we had conformation class with tonight’s focus being back onto our Chihuahuas. Hope brought Spike and she worked with him and I brought Beamer to practice to help build up his confidence in the ring. He needs to be confident and relax.

Both of the boys did a great job in class tonight. Me and Hope and the dogs were all giggling and playful and having a great time. And at the conformation class the building can get very cold and that was until the boys noticed the air vent in the back of the corner of the room. The buildings here at the fairgrounds are metal and full of echoes and noises and they were getting freaked out. Both boys are still very young so to have them exposed now is great thing and all three dogs did a fantastic job.

Hope worked with Spike and Smoochie and I worked with Beamer. Your supposed to be focusing on your dog and the judge not the people or there other dogs. We brought Smoochie for some socialization because she needs to be socialized with other big breed dogs and people. She got a lot of holding ring side and that’s what she needs. We decided to give her a go for the last trip around the ring for the night and she did a pretty good job. She was still spooked but showing her it’s all going to be ok and having a wonderful instructor that wouldn’t let her get away with it was great.

The lady was very nice and calm about it and she was patient and gentle. We made it so that we ended the night on a major positive note so we decide to send her home with Hope and her mom Mrs. Ernestine. We sent her home with Hope for some exposure and socialization.

We ended the class with a very good day and a very fun day too. I’m so happy that Beamer Smoochie and Spike did a great job at dog class tonight. In the few past days at conformation class I’ve been learning a lot so far from Mrs. Mary Lynn and that’s very good.



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