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Today we went to the grooming shop and we brought Chewy, Sarah’s dog because he needed to get groomed. He needs to get trimmed up so we brought him to the grooming shop for Hope and I to groom him. We bathed him first and then we blowed dried him. I got to shave him and while we were shaving him, he was not very happy. He would get very upset and he was a real pistol. Mrs. Emily had to come and help us so we finally got to shave him down. He was a bad boy at first but then he finally became a good boy.

At first he was very dirty and he also had a lot of hair so we had to give him a bath so he would smell better and look better.  Of course when we were done, he looked much better. Now he has just some hair on his tail and his ears. We did a very good job. We also groomed another dog. It is one of Hope’s and he is a Shit Suiz named Little Man. Little man was way easier to groom then Chewy. Chewy was a handful but we learned a lot and that’s why we do it!


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