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Today my mom and I went to conformation class and my friend Hope and her mom went to class as well. This year they have changed up the schedule a bit with Tuesday’s classes being held at 7:00pm and Wednesday’s at 8:00pm. Wednesday classes have always been smaller so I hope we could get Smoochie a bit of one-on-one experience.

All I can say is I watched our reserved little one become terrified and nippy in less than five minutes. Tonight’s class had no other toy breeds and that was the first mistake. A five month old Chihuahua in a ring with dogs 300% bigger than her and didn’t start out very well because she’s scared of the big dogs and I understand why.  She was walking with big dogs and when there was a big dog behind us the dog came up too close and freaked her out so she stopped and slammed on the break. I tugged as not to be left behind in the group. She’s a scared little Chihuahua and that’s all.

We need to start bringing her to shows and events and pass her around to other people so people can hold her and pet her because she needs to get socialize with other people and dogs. And she also needs to quit being so afraid of other people and she needs to learn to not growl or bite other people because that’s wrong and not nice. Maybe next time we bring her to dog class she’ll do a better job.

Mrs. Maria was so nice to help us make make the experience a more positive one for Smoochie even after she tried to bite Mrs. Maria on the table. Mrs. Maria and Mrs. Kristie were holding Smoochie to give her a start on her socialization.



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