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May 25

Curry Brush

we learned how to groom a pug. It’s a lot different than grooming a Chihuahua and we had to get a curry brush to use to brush him out with and we also used it when we bathed him to get some of his shedding hair off. The curry brush is awesome to use on a Pug when they have a lot of hair.

You have to brush them out everyday or if you don’t they will shed a lot and will shed everywhere. When I brush him out he just stands there and looks up at me and sometimes he’ll fall asleep with a smile. It’s so funny. He’s a great dog he’s so sweet.

You want to try to get a lot of hair off of him because if you don’t his hair will feel weird and it won’t be soft but if you do brush him he’ll have a soft coat. You don’t want a pug’s hair to thicken you want it soft and smooth. He loves to be groomed and bathed and he loves when I take him for a bath.

You don’t want the water to be hot and you want it at warm or a little bit of cold because if it’s too hot on his body you’ll hurt him or will burn him. Also he’ll be too hot and will pant but if it’s cold he won’t pant and it’s cooling him off. But at the same time you don’t want it to cold. And when I put him on the table and brush him out he won’t try to jump off the table. He just lay’s there and he loves it. He’s a good boy and that’s why I love my Pug!

He loves me and he is so sweet and laid back and follows me where ever I go – he’s my shadow. Boomer just looks up at me and when ever I leave and come back he gets so excited. Sometimes he’ll sit by the gate and sometimes he’ll look for me and I love to play with him and he loves to play with me. Sometimes I’ll hide from him and sometimes he can find me but sometimes he can’t find me. I love to hide from him and he’s an awesome loving dog and I’m glad we have him and I’m glad he’s part of our family now.

Tonight my mom and I went to conformation class and we brought my new pug named Boomer. This was his first time going to dog class and this was my first time getting to show him. He did a great job! We have to work on getting him to come up to the judge though. He hesitates a bit but I am sure he hasn’t shown in a while and we just need to get him back into show mode.

Hope and her mom Mrs. Ernestine went too. I showed Boomer and Hope showed her Mastiff Ramona. Ramona loves Boomer and Boomer loves Ramona. It’s very hard to show a pug’s bite and it’s hard to open a pug’s mouth.  You have to rub your thumb to feel the bite and that’s how you present a pug per the standard.  You also have to do that to a bulldog and a boxer when they have that smooched in face and nose. Some Judge’s don’t know the breed standards on a pug and some Judge’s do.

Boomer is a very loving dog and he’s very playful friendly and sweet and he’s also laid back too that loves other dogs and people. He’s a really nice dog and they shed a lot too. And he loves me very much. I am his mommy and he is a good boy. I love him and he loves me. He follows me where ever I go. He’s a very funny dog too. I love bringing him to dog class and I love to show him.

He did an awesome job in conformation class tonight. He’s a great Junior dog for me. My mom did a picture of us two with our dogs and Hope’s dog Ramona gave Boomer kisses in the ears and he loved it very much. Ramona is a very sweet dog and they both are sweet dogs.

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Today we drove out to Jacksonville to pick up our Pug named Boomer. We met a really nice lady name Valerie at 3:00 pm. She is Mrs. Rayna’s friend who brought him down from South Carolina to visit with her daughter. We they got to the parking lot and I got to see Boomer for the first time, I was so excited and I was about to cry I was so happy. He is so friendly and adorable and cute! He’s so sweet and laid back. Pugs are very smart and adorable.

I want to say thank you so much to Mrs. Rayna for everything and helping me find the perfect dog to show. I couldn’t do this without you. My dream is to be able to show him in Juniors and maybe show him in Breed to get Grand Champion points for him. Also thank you mom very much for helping me find a perfect dog to show and buying him and doing these things for me. You don’t know how much I appreciate you doing these things for me and helping me out.

Pugs have a really smushed face and their heads are very big. Sometimes they can have a hard time breathing and we have to keep an eye on them and keep them cool. Boomer sleeps in a crate at night so I set up a crate in my room. My mom told me his is going to snore, but that’s ok. Also, Pugs cannot be out in the sun very long because they will get overheated and could die. I will have to make sure that Boomer isn’t outside going potty for very long. He will have to do his business and then come right back inside. Pugs also shed a lot.

When you travel with a Pug they stay in the crate and you put the air vents over the crate to keep them cool. You can also put ice packs in the crate with them so they can lay on them and cool off. You can feel them and see if their body is hot and then you can put a wet towel on their back. You also do not want Pugs to eat too much food because they could get too fat and have a hard time breathing. We need to watch and make sure Boomer doesn’t eat too much.

Before you get ready for a dog show, you need to bathe them and then blow dry them. Then you shave their whiskers and by their eye brows. You shave the hairs on their feet and you clip their nails and use a Dremel on the the nails too. You should also shave by their butts and up their tails. You must clean a Pug’s ears and in their wrinkles too. Pugs have really small ears. When I show him, we have to squirt the water bottle into his mouth. That is really cool! Our Chihuahuas won’t do that! They wont drink from a squirt bottle.

Boomer did pretty good on the car ride home today. Me met our other dogs and my dad and my brother. He likes our house and he really likes our Chihuahua Beamer. I put him in the crate I put up in my room and he fell asleep.

Boomer is four years old. He paces a lot. He follows me everywhere. He is my shadow. He is fans and black. Boomer is the bombdigity! Hope will be able to see him soon. Everyone is so excited ro me and they can’t wait to see him. I am so happy!

I am going to take such good care of my new dog.

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