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Jul 21

Sugar Drops

Today one of our puppies named Spike had a sugar drop. Usually Teddy’s puppies don’t have the sugar drop so I was freaking out.

When your puppies have a sugar drop you have to hold them in a towel and wrap them up to keep them warm. Then you want to give them Kayro Syrup. You put it in a syringe and put it into their mouth. You don’t want to give them too much Kayro Syrup though! After that you want to give them moist puppy food. You want to put it in a syringe and if they don’t lick it, just open their mouth and put the moist food in. Sometimes the Kayro Syrup will help and you want to make sure the gums are pink not white.

So today we gave him some Karo Syrup and puppy food and his gums were finally pink. That’s a good thing! You want to stay calm when one of your puppies get a sugar drop. Several of our puppies had a sugar drop before and we had to give them Kayro Syrup and moist food. I don’t like seeing my puppies get a sugar drop. It’s terribly scary and sad. But I like helping them and working with them so they don’t die.

After a puppy has a sugar drop, want to keep an eye on the puppy. When you give them Kayro Syrup or moist food they usually will feel better and will look better too. You don’t want to freak out. You want to stay calm.

Sometimes when they get a sugar drop it’s because they play a lot. When you let them out and they run and burn too much energy, that is when they get a sugar drop. So sometimes you don’t want to leave them out too long. It can happen to people too. Some people will burn too much energy too and will pass out and will feel weird. It’s happened to me before.

Some people will pass out if they play too much or sometimes they’ll pass out from the sun. If you’re too hot and you didn’t drink any water you will pass out. It happens to animals and people.

I’m so happy that Spike is feeling so much better. I’m glad my mom and I saved his life. We woke up to find him under the weather and we also tried giving him kibble but he wouldn’t eat it but when we gave him moist food he would eat it. We also gave him Nutri-Cal. You can put a little bit of Nutri- Cal on your finger and usually they will lick it off. Some dogs don’t like Nutri-Cal and some dogs do. So some dogs that don’t like it you will usually have to put it in their mouth and they’ll finally eat it.

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Today we went over to my friend’s house Hope and we brought Ginny so we could groom her. Mrs. Marcia came over and helped us. We bathed her first and then we blow dried her. I brushed her out with the Slicker Brush and when I brushed her out, I went up, not down. I shaved all of her hair off except her tail. I used an Oster 2-speed Clippers which is really powerful. You have to be very careful to not hurt them or cut them. We did a puppy cut on her and once she was done she looked so much better with all of her off.

When you groom someone else’s dog you should always ask them how short do they want cut the coat. You always want to ask questions and that’s what Mrs. Marcia told me and I learned it from her. She knows a lot.

When Ginny has long hair, she’s always itching and scratching at it and sometimes she bleeds or sometimes it gets red. Sometimes she has dry skin. We wanted to trim her up a little bit so she feels more comfortable. Now, she feels so soft. I’m sure she feels so much better too.

We used grooming shears on her front legs and back legs. We used grooming shears on her feets because she had some stray hair on them. We also used the shears around her ears and inside her ears to get the hair out and also around her face. She was a very good for us. She let us groom her and trim her up.

My mom got us each an Isle of Dogs apron. The reason why you wear that is because it’s for grooming and also so you don’t get dog hair or water all over you. If you do get dog hair on you it will go on the apron not your clothes. Most groomers wear an apron. It was an awesome fun day.

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