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Bubbles our long coat female is not one that loves the show ring experience. She did make it around the ring at our last show but she wasn’t too happy going through the experience.  My mom wants to watch her continue to grow and mature so holding onto her has always been the plan. My best friend and her mother have one of our older puppies name Ozzie who’s play buddy Einstein passed away several months ago. Ozzie needed another play buddy to play with so we decide to see how he liked Bubbles. If they got along she could stay there with them.

He has become quite lonely so we tried it out and my friend Jillian is already bonding with Bubbles. That was Jillian and Mrs. Pattie’s surprise and they both are already falling in love with her. Ozzie now has someone to play with and he’s not lonely anymore. I’m so happy that everything worked out good and I’m happy for Jillian and Mrs. Patti and I’m also happy for Ozzie and Bubbles.

Bubbles loves Ozzie and Ozzie loves Bubbles. Before I felt so bad for Ozzie when he was all lonely and had no other dog to play with. I also felt bad because Ozzie was sad when he found out that his friend Einstein passed away. Ozzie really loved Einstein and Einstein really loved Ozzie. Einstein was a great dog and I’m so sad because I loved playing with him too. It’s heart breaking and sad to see your dog pass away or your friend’s dog pass away.

Also, Jillian was practicing training with her. We will see how things go over the rest of the week. That was there Christmas Present. It was an awesome day and an awesome surprise.

All dogs love their person. I am Boomer’s person.

Boomer is very attached to me and he’s always watching me wherever I’m going. He’ll also follow me and if I leave the house he’ll act different. He’ll walk in circles and will look for me or he will also sit by the gate or will whine or bark. When I finally come home he’ll get excited. He will give me kisses or will jump onto the couch to see me. Sometimes he will jump into my face and play-bite me and it’s so funny. He’s a great dog and I love my Boomer and he loves me.

Today we were doing house projects and he was watching me go out the garage door. He figured out that I was on the other side of the door so he sat and waited for me to come back inside. While he was waiting for me he played with his best friend Beamer. Beamer the Chihuahua loves other dogs and Boomer the pug does too. It’s so cute to watch them both play together and love on each other. It’s so sweet.

Today I was running the dogs and my mom was outside with me. When I put my hand up into the air, I noticed that those that have been bait trained immediately stood at attention. There was no bait or anything. I just raised a hand and they put their tails up and were wagging their tails.

My mom took some pictures of Beamer, KC, Smoochie, and Mia watching my hand. Those that did pay attention were rewarded so we pulled out some chicken and gave some of it to them. They were free stacking on their own while they were looking up at me. All four Chihuahuas were looking up at me. I’m so proud of them for free stacking and putting their tails up and looking up at me. It was a very fun day.