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My mom received an email from the Institute of Technical Arts that they were hosting a First Aid and CPR class and she knew it was something I would want to do. She asked if I wanted to go and I said yes so we went. And then of course comes my passion towards all things dogs. I love dogs. I’ve always loved animals.

The school is located right down the street from us. I learned a lot. My passion is to rescue animals and do CPR on them and save there lives. That’s what I want to do when I get older and when I grow up. I’ve always wanted to learn how to do CPR on dogs or animals I should say. → Read more

My Grandparents were in town for a couple of days so we decide to go drive out there and visit them and we brought Tipsy and KC along to get socialize and get used to the environment. They need to be out more so we decide to bring them along with us. We also brought KC to keep Tipsy company. My Grandparents were staying at the beach in Daytona Beach and we got to have ThanksGiving dinner with them and we got to spend some time with them and that was really nice. I enjoyed that and we also got to walk on the beach and enjoy the beach and look at the beautiful ocean. → Read more

Today I showed in Juniors and there were nine of us in the open senior class. Open Senior is a very big class and there can be a lot of kids in Open Senior. We all did an awesome job. We all showed off our professional skills. A lot of the kids that are in my class work with professional handlers and some of them don’t work with professional handlers. → Read more

Nov 15

So Cold!

Today I showed Beamer and Chihuahuas showed at 8:00am so we had to leave early in the morning. We also had to wake up early too. We got there very early in the morning and it was very cold outside so everyone was wearing jackets and gloves and warm clothes. Everyone was bundled up.

He was in the ring for Winner’s male. When he was in the ring with another dog he would walk  freely and beautifully. Beamer wasn’t walking at first so the Judge told me to pick him up and walk him on the concrete floor and I walked him on the concrete floor. He wouldn’t walk in the grass but he did walk on the concrete floor though. Beamer and I did an awesome job though. A great day at the dog show in Ocala. → Read more

Today I showed Margie in Groups and we both did a great job. There were a lot of people in Groups and there were also a lot of little dogs in Groups too. All of us did a great job and all the dogs did a great job too. I didn’t win but that’s alright. The Judge was very nice and kind.

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Today I showed in Juniors and there were a lot of Juniors in the Open Senior class. We all did an amazing job and the Open Senior class is a very big class. There’s a lot of kids in the ring that you have to verse and that work for professional handlers and have been showing for a very long time. They are really good.

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I showed in Breed for pugs and I showed Margie and I needed someone else to show Boomer. I can’t show both of them so I saw a Junior and I went up to Cole, and I asked him if he wanted to help me out by showing my dog for me. He looked at his dad and then he looked at me and said yeah sure so he showed Boomer while I showed Margie. Both of us did a great job and Margie took Best Of Breed.

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Today I showed Margie in Toy for Groups and there weren’t a lot of people in Groups. I was in the ring with Mrs. Dolly and Darius the two Chihuahua people that I know. Margie and I did an awesome job but Margie didn’t win but that’s alright. The guy Judge was very nice.

After I was done showing in Groups I showed Boomer in Owner Handler. The reason they call it Owner Handler is because you’re the Owner and your also the Handler so that’s why it’s called Owner Handler. → Read more

Today I showed Boomer in Junior’s. There were seven of us in Open Senior. Sometimes there can be a lot of Junior’s in the Open Senior class and sometimes it can be a very big class.We all did a fantastic job and I stayed positive but I didn’t win but that’s ok though. I showed good sportsmanship and I congratulated the ones that won and placed and said you guys did a great job. The ones that lost, I still went up to them and said you did a very nice job.

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Nov 08

Only Pugs

Today I showed in Pugs for Breed and Margie and Boomer were the only two entered for both days. I showed Boomer and I asked this Junior if she wanted to help me show Margie for me while I show Boomer. She said yes and we both were in the ring together. It was a great opportunity to help add experience to another Junior’s resume while helping both the dogs with their show skills as well. → Read more