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Grooming Lessons at my best friend’s house. I know how to groom dogs and I’m very good at it. I enjoy grooming dogs and taking care of them. I’m very good at what I do. And I love all kind’s of dogs and I love to take care of all kind’s of dogs and I also love to groom all kind’s of dogs too.

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Today was Meet the Breed. This year’s booth rocked it in so many ways. Mrs. Barbra did an amazing job on the booth and blew everyone away before the event even began. We brought the back drops and decorations up to the Convention Center on Thursday night. She’s very talented in so many ways. She always does an amazing fantastic job on the back drops and decorations every year.  I just want to thank Mrs. Barbra for all the hard work she does and I also want to thank every person that has stopped by to love on our Breed and you are the reason why we are there. We got second place.

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Today was our first Pug Specialty. I showed Margie first and then I showed Boomer. Margie and I did an awesome job in Breed together and there weren’t a lot of bitches in breed for pugs there were only like four Pugs and four people in the ring. We all did an amazing job in Breed. Margie did a way better job today and she kept her head up the hole entire time. Except when I stopped to try to bait her she kept looking on the ground for bait or something to eat off the carpet so I had to call her name to get her attention and finally she stopped looking on the ground and finally she looked up at me. She still did a great job though. Margie got Third Place and that’s pretty good. Good Job Margie. I’ll take it.

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Today I showed KC for the Chihuahua Specialty. There was only three entries. It was only me and these other two Juniors. KC is my Junior dog for only the Chihuahua Specialty. We all did a fantastic  job at showing off our Professional Skills and doing our best. KC and I did an awesome job. I got third and the other girl got first place and the boy got second place. Third place is still good. I didn’t care if I didn’t get first place because I know I still did a good job and I know third place is still good. And I’m a good sportsmanship. I used to get mad if I didn’t win but not anymore. I don’t get mad if I loose. And don’t win. I still got a ribbon though. I enjoyed showing KC today in Juniors for the Chihuahua Specialty. An awesome day at the Convention Center.

Today I showed Boomer in Breed for Pugs but Pugs didn’t show until 1:30. Margie showed first and then Boomer showed after her. Usually boys show first and then girls show but this time it was the other way around. I showed Margie first and then I showed Boomer.

We need to kick up our game tomorrow because this is when we have a major. And Margie needs one more major. Finally. I wasn’t the only one in the ring by myself and Margie wasn’t the only Pug in the ring too. She was in the ring with several other pugs and people. Margie didn’t win though but that’s ok though. She still did a very good job. → Read more

Today I showed Boomer in Juniors and of course Juniors showed at 8:00am. I am the second to last class. And there was 53 open seniors in my class. And there was 53 Open Intermediates and that’s a lot of Juniors too. There was a lot of dogs too. All of these Juniors are from another state and are also from another country and that I have never seen before. I’m in the ring with Professional Handlers and work with Professional Handlers too. I’m also in the ring with kids that have been showing for a very long time and that are really good. After we all entered in the ring in numerical order we all were spilt into four different groups and the reason they spilt us up in four different groups is because there’s so many Juniors and we all can’t fit in the ring so that’s why they split us up into four different group. Boomer and I were the third group. When I was the third group there were like ten or eleven of us. I never stopped showing and I never gave up either. That’s good and the Judge pulled us and I made the cut and that’s awesome finally I made the cut. I made the cut of the group. We don’t get a ribbon because there’s so many of us and we all can’t get a ribbon and it wouldn’t be fair you know. The judge was very very nice. The judge had us do an L pattern and we all did it and sometimes the L pattern can be very hard. Every time I do an L pattern or a judge ask me to do an L I get really nervous because I may get it wrong. But I’m at a master at it now. The Judge finally put us in the ring order. I was at the end I was behind the french bulldog. We all did an awesome job in Juniors. We all did a fantastic job at showing off our Professional Skills. Another awesome day at the dog show at the Convention Center. There were thirteen Juniors in Open Intermediate.

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Today I showed Margie and Boomer in Breed. Pugs showed at 8:00am in the morning – so early in the morning. I showed Margie first and she did a fantastic job. She did a better job today then yesterday. I did everything right to keep Margie’s head up and she got Select as the Reserve Winner’s Bitch after second in her class. That is so cool and awesome. She deserved it and she definitely did an awesome job today then yesterday. That was way to cool! Margie and I did a fantastic job in Breed for pugs. Awesome job Margie.  → Read more

It was a very busy week. My mom went  ahead and entered Boomer in Breed and I decide to show in Breed for Pugs and I didn’t show in Juniors and there was a ring conflict between Juniors and Breed so pugs it is today.There’s no way I could have done both. Then finally Boomer went in and I was in the ring with a lot of people and I also was in the ring with a lot of pugs. Eukanuba is a very big dog show and a lot of people all over the world come down to show. It’s a very big convention center and A lot of people go to this convention center to show at the Orlando. → Read more