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Today I showed in Juniors and I also showed in Groups. I showed in Groups first and and I ran over to Juniors to show Boomer again. Groups wasn’t that long anyways and when it was over I ran back to the Junior ring to show in Juniors. The Judge was calling out the Open Senior class and I really thought I would have missed Juniors but I didn’t.

Juniors started at 3:30pm and Groups started at 2:45pm two buildings away. They were calling open seniors to the ring and when I got to the junior ring all the Juniors were in the ring and I was the last one in the ring. There were five of us in the Open Senior class and we all did a fantastic job at handling our dogs. But I didn’t win or get a ribbon but that’s alright. I did an awesome job but didn’t place.

I am sure the mad dash is what threw me off. I was kinda frazzled and disappointed that I didn’t win. The kids that work with all of  the professional handlers keep winning. Oh well. They did a great job though and I showed good Sportsmanship and Congratulated them. You always want to remember this though you always want to show good sportsmanship to other people and be kind to other people too. Remember that.

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Today I showed Boomer in Breed and it was me and this other lady with her black pug. We showed in Lakeland and my mom and I had to wake up very early and leave early too. Pugs showed at 9:30am and we arrived bright and early and it started with rooting on the class bitch entries. Boomer wasn’t the only male pug. I was against competition and of course Boomer got Best Of Breed. Good Job. You did an awesome job Today Boomer. Even more Grand Champion points! → Read more

Today I was playing with the puppies. I love to play with the puppies. They’re so cute and I love to socialize them. The six puppies love playing with me and I love playing with them. When you let them out of their pen and play with them that’s socializing them. They need to be socialize with other people and other dogs. Socializing puppies is a very good thing and they usually get socialize by eight weeks old.

You want to socialize them with other small dogs and big dogs and people and bring them to places. You should bring them where ever you go. you should get  them on a lead and get them used to a lead around their neck. Then you should try to walk them. If they don’t want to walk, do a light tug and show them that you have bait in your hand. Be patient and don’t get frushratied it takes awhile and don’t ever give up if they don’t walk. That’s lead breaking them.

When you keep working with your puppy at any age everyday it will finally walk for you. Some people do socialize there puppies and some people do not socialize there puppies. When you don’t socialize your puppies they can  become mean and won’t have a good personality or temperament and that won’t be good at all.

When you take them to places just ask people to pet them and hold them and give them a piece of bait. That’s another way you can  socialize a puppy. Getting your puppy socialized is a good thing and it helps or if your puppy doesn’t walk get another dog that does walk and maybe the puppy will finally walk.