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Today my mom’s friend name Mrs. Jill came over to pick up her two new, white puppies named Toby and Rudy. She was thinking about me and she got me a very pretty bracelet. She’s a very nice lady and she’s very funny. She’s a very sweet woman.

That’s cool that her name is Jill because I actually have a friend named Jillian but her name is Jill too and people call her name Jill and that’s her nickname. Some people call her Jill or Jillian.

I love the silver and the doggy prints too. That was so kind of her to think about me and care about me. She has been supporting me by reading my blog. I am so happy to have someone supporting me and reading my blog. That makes me so so happy. I love when people read my blog and comment on it too.

I went up to her and said Thank You very much for the bracelet I really appreciate it and I also appreciate you supporting me and being there for me. I will always wear the bracelet that she got me and I love it so much.


Today, Mrs. Jane and Mr. Paul came by to see my mom and to meet Beamer. They have Kiki and Hugggie with them in Rhode Island and when Beamer retires, he will be going to live with them too! The people that made this bracelet are from up in Rhode Island. That is so cool!

My mom says that they follow her blog and read all of the stories about our dogs and about me and my competitions. They have been rooting me on from way up where they live and watching how good I have gotten at showing dogs. They got me this beautiful bracelet as a gift. I love it so much! I cannot wait to wear it at my next show. I will look at it on my wrist and remember that they are rooting for me to win! Thank you so much. I love it!

Today I decide to work on training Tipsy. We have made amazing progress with Tipsy walking on a lead but she is still not showing the confidence that we would like. With confidence you need a happy waggy tail and we haven’t had a tail raised! We also have stops and starts and I know it all stems from her lack of confidence.

My mom’s friend Sandy said training her with another dog that walks confidently might help. Little did I know that this one suggestion would change everything and change everything very quickly too!

I gave it ago with KC and it actually went quite well. When there’s another dog around she walks with her tail up and her ears up and she looked so good out there. They both did a good job. Tipsy’s tail was up and wagging . It was miracle! It worked perfectly.

Thank you Mrs. Sandy, you saved the day. You inspired us to do the same with the puppies. That’s a good ideal. I’m so happy that Tipsy is finally walking with her head high up and her tail up and also had her ears up too. She looked so confident and proud and she should be.

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Today was the TBCC B Match and all in all it turned out to be quite a fun filled day! We had some last minute changes to the family schedules so we had to bring Olive along to make sure insure that she ate through out the day.

The B Match was at Pat Mattie’s house so my mom put Olive in Pat’s guest bedroom by herself. My mom had to give Baby Olive some moist food a couple of times through out the day. We also brought TY, Milly, and Sweetie for their first outside socialization adventure and those two did a fantastic job! → Read more