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When we were at the show in Zolfo Springs, Mrs. Rita brought Sweetie along with her so we could bring her home with us. We gave her to Mrs. Rita so she could show her. Mrs. Rita really wanted to show her but now she can’t because she’s got a really bad bite. The bite is off so Mrs. Rita decide to give her back to us. She said she has a really bad bite so we need to place her into a pet home. → Read more

Today I showed in Juniors at Zolfo Springs and after packing up all of our dogs we all decide it was too hot to do anything but live in the car with A/C running from about 11 am until 2 pm. My mom says that the next time we show here, we will get a hotel room, even if it is for us to use for just during the day! → Read more

Apr 18

So Hot!

After waking up at 4am, packing up gear for a long drive and a very long day, the sweat beads appeared as we unpacked for our 8:30am ring time in Zolfo Springs Florida. It is going to be a very hot day! → Read more

Today my mom and I showed in Elkton. Juniors were at 8:00am and Pugs were at 8:30. I had to decide which one to stick with and I decide to stick with Pugs and show in breed

I was kinda disappointed because Boomer was the only Pug in the ring so of course Boomer got the Best Of Breed ribbon. I really wanted to show in Juniors but I didn’t make it to Juniors’ ring in time.  Oh well though. It happens. → Read more

Today I decide to give Ginny a puppy cut. My parents me got a Wahl Arose cordless Trimmer in Funky cool teal as a Birthday present so I thought I would give it a try. That was an awesome Birthday Present!  As much as I loved using the Andis AGC super 2- speed during my grooming lessons I was told the cordless ones are easier  on your back and wrist and of course you don’t have to fight with the cord! My mom decide to try a cordless one

I like the cordless trimer better. Without the help of an instructor and going from my memory I gave Ginny her puppy cut. It has been a while sinceI had a lesson so I have to say I think I did an amazing job on her!

When my mom saw me pull at the scissors and trim around the ears and feet she was like amazed and she was like oh wow you’re doing a great job. I enjoy grooming small dogs and big breed dogs that have a lot of hair. Ginny looks so much better trimmed up and I had a great time grooming my dog.

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