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When my mom and I were at the dog show in Tampa and my mom took off the chair backto have the company that she uses, embroider Boomer’s name and on it.  They picked out a Pug head too and it looks just like Boomer.

Look what arrived! My mom ordered it and it came in the mail today. That is so cool and awesome I love it. It’s red too my favorite color. I love red. They’re very good at embroidering. I wonder how they made it. I wish I could make something like that but I can’t.

I just want to say Thank you mom for ordering it and getting me my own chair with a pug on it that was so nice of you and I really appreciate it. I finally have my own red chair to sit in so I don’t have to sit in other people’s chairs I can sit in my chair.

My mom ordered a figgy chihuahua one for her. We both have our own chairs and we both have our own different kind of breed. I have a pug and she has a Chihuahua and that’s pretty awesome. It say’s Boomer CH Chiquola’s Bellini on the chair. After they were done making it they mailed it to us and they put it in the mail box and then it came to our house and it delivered to our house. That’s how it works.

Today my mom decide to take a couple pictures of Kiss for me to put on my blog. Mrs. Michele my moms friend left us one of her smooth coat female chihuahua for me to show in Breed for  Chihuahuas. She asked if I wanted to show her dog for her and I said yes so I’m going to show her in September in Deland and in Orlando at our Specialty. → Read more

Today was the last dog show in Orlando and I showed in Juniors again. We all did a great job but I didn’t win. Lilia and I didn’t win but that’s ok though. Maybe next time.

The reason I didn’t win or place anything is because Boomer’s butt was sticking out and I wasn’t standing strait. The Judge was waiting for me to fix it and I didn’t so I didn’t win or place. I wasn’t standing strait like the other juniors were so that’s why the Judge didn’t place me. Oh well though maybe next time. The Judge doesn’t want to see the dogs butt he wants to see the dogs face or the whole body,not the rear, so next time I will do it correctly. → Read more

Today I showed in Juniors and my mom finally got to go to the dog show. We don’t live that far from the dog show. We live about ten or 20 minutes away and that’s it. But Mrs. Michele lives all the way in South Florida so she stayed at our house for a couple of days. We drove together to the dog show and we drove my mom’s car.

All the Juniors did a great job and I got fourth place in my class. I felt so bad for Lilia because she didn’t win or place or anything. Me and some of the other Juniors don’t win a lot but sometimes we do. It’s really hard to try to win in Open Senior. It’s a really hard class and people are right once you move up into open senior it will get harder.

I beat two other girls but they did a good job though. I met these other two girls at the dog show in Orlando. This one girl is name Jaden and she’s very nice and I met this other girl and I think she’s 14 or 15. I can’t remember. She looks much older because she’s so tall. She’s very nice and her mother and father are very nice people too. They were at the Junior Jamboree on Thursday too. She’s in Brianna’s class Open Intermediate and she shows in Aussie. There’s three girls that show an Aussie and that are in Open Intermediate I think.

I know a lot of Juniors and I’m getting to know them and become friends with them. There all very nice and there’s a couple that I do know that I don’t hang out with. It was another awesome day at the dog show.

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Today Mrs. Michele and I went to the dog show in Orlando at the Fairgrounds together. She had to bring me because my mom couldn’t go because she had to stay home with one of our female dog who was going into labor. Smoochie was pregnant with some puppies so my mom had to stay home with her to watch her and help her.

I showed in Juniors and we all did an awesome job. I got a third place ribbon and Mrs. Michele took a picture of me with my third place ribbon. I did an awesome job and the Judge was very nice. He was a really nice guy.

Then I went over to the chihuahua ring and I had to show Tipsy for my mom and we both did a great job but Tipsy didn’t win anything. That’s alright she still did a very good job though. → Read more

Today I went to a Junior Jamboree and I’ve never been to one of those events before. They had one two years ago in West Palm Beach but we didn’t go so today we went. I had a really fun time actually. It’s just all for Juniors only and my new dog show friend Lilia and her mother were there too.  Lilia and her mother are very nice people.

We learned a lot and we had like a meeting and we brought all of our chairs into the ring and we were talking. We were allowed to write things down and we also were allowed to ask questions. We took notes.

You want to dress appropriate and you want to have your hair up in a pony tail and most girls have their hair up in a pony tail and you also want to wear appropriate  shoes too. And you want to make sure you’re at the show early so you can get your arm band number way before you go into the ring.  When girls wear skirts they need to make sure the skirts aren’t too short and also make sure your show clothes are washed and clean. Also you want to wear show clothes that are the color of your dog and is matching the dog but if it’s not it doesn’t matter. → Read more

I decide to take Boomer a bath because he needed one really bad and my mom’s friend has said when you blow dry him do it outside because there will be hair all over the deck and you won’t have to clean it up but if you blow dry him inside it will make a mess and you will have to clean it up so it’s easier blow drying him outside then inside. Blow drying your dog outside is very smart and that’s a very good idea and it’s also a very smart idea too. And if you blow dry your dog outside the dog will dry faster. It didn’t take me very long to blow dry Boomer outside then inside. After I was done blow drying him and made sure he was dried I put some smelly goods on him to make him smell good and look good. He looked so nice and clean. So every time I get him ready for a dog show I’m going to blow dry him outside then inside


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when my mom and I were at the dog show in Tampa Mrs. Jen one of our dog show friend’s she made me a show lead for Boomer and she did an amazing job at making this awesome cool lead. She did a great job and I love it so much it’s so pretty. Thank You Mrs. Jen for making me a lead for Boomer I love it. I really appreciate it. The black thing is a lead and the silver thing is a Martingale Chain Collar and I’ve seen people use it on their big dogs and you can use it on your small dogs too.  It’s not just for big dogs it’s also for small dogs too. It’s easier for me to use on Boomer. Thank You both very much for the new lead and the new Martingale Chain Collar.  My mom got me the Martingale Chain Collar and Brianna’s mother got me the lead. Brianna and her mother are making things. I put it on Boomer at the dog show and he had it on in the ring. My awesome new lead.

Jun 14

4th Place

Today I showed in Juniors and I got fourth place and that’s still pretty good. I just showed in Juniors all three days but I didn’t show in breed for Pugs.  I only showed in Chihuahuas Saturday for the specialty and that’s it.

The Judge was very nice. He’s been a Judge before and he shows all kinds of dogs. He’s a professional handler. His name is Arvine and he’s a really nice and funny guy. But some people have told me that he’s a very stern Judge and he is not easy to show to because he is very strict.  I was nervous but I guess I did a good job because I got a ribbon. We all did an awesome job and Haley is in my class. Boomer and I did a fantastic job in Juniors.

I’m not showing Boomer in Breed for pugs for right now because were keeping Grand Champions points on hold for right now. I just won’t be showing him in Breed for awhile. I’ll just be showing in Juniors and that’s fine. I enjoy in Juniors anyways. I enjoy showing in Breed for Pugs too.

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Today I showed KC in the Chihuahua Specialty and I wasn’t by myself. It was me Dolly and this other lady that I don’t know and Mrs. Edina. I got fourth place and then I went back in the ring again with Mrs. Edina and this other lady and I got second place and Mrs. Edina got third place. We all did a very great job. KC did an awesome job too. She looked so good out their and she looked so excited and happy and she had her tail up out their the whole entire time and that’s good that makes me happy. I only show her in Juniors for the Chihuahua Specialty and I also show her in long coat breed for Chihuahuas Specialties and that’s it. I’m so proud of myself and I’m also so proud of KC too.

And then Brianna and I helped my mom’s friend out Mrs. Michele by showing her two smooth coat females and we did an awesome job at showing them. We all went in for Best Of Breed but we didn’t win but that’s ok though. The dogs were scared of us because they don’t know who the heck we are but they got over their fear and that’s good. They did a fabulous job for us.

I showed Mrs. Michele’s female named CJ and Brianna showed her other female dog. Mrs. Michele and my mom were impressed with how awesome I did with CJ and they said I rocked it looking  like a pro out their. Brianna did a great job too and she rocked it too. I felt a little nervous at first showing someone else’s dog for them. Sometimes when people ask me to show their dog for them I say yeah sure. But when I show the dog and step into the ring I get a little nervous showing someone else’s dog for them. When I show one of my dogs I don’t get nervous because it’s my dog. I’m showing my dog but if they don’t walk I get frustrated with my dog.

There were a lot of smooth coats in Best Of Breed. All in all it was an awesomely successful specialty with everyone having a fabulous time and we all can’t wait for next year. Another awesome weekend.

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