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Boomer sports a bellyband while he is roaming the house and has been doing it for a long time so we have to put a belly band on him so he pan pee through it then peeing all over the house and marking his territory. He pees like more then once and the reason he does that is because he’s marking his territory and where the other dogs pee.

My mom makes them she makes the belly bands for the male dogs. Mostly Boomer needs them so he doesn’t pee all over our stuff. He’s a good boy though. He’ll stand there and will let us put it on him with no issue.

One day we headed out for the day and then we came back to find what looked like a snow storm in our kitchen! Shredded white fluff and pieces of plastic were everywhere. They chewed off Boomer’s pad. Milly Ty and Kiss chewed off his belly band and they made a mess. That is to funny. I can’t believe they did that though. They de- banded him while he laid there and looked up at us and smiling and gave us a smirk. That’s to hilarious. You can hear them chewing the Velcro as they try to chew the band off of Boomer OMG.