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I decide to bathe Smoochie’s two puppies Georgie and Kid. This was there first bath and of course when I was giving them a bath, Smoochie was just sitting there watching me bathe her two puppies. They were watching their mother and they were looking down at her. She’s probably thinking, what are you doing with my babies? What are you doing touching my puppies? That’s what she’s thinking in her head. She’s on mommy watch.

I bathed both of the boys and I have to say it was adorable to watch Smoochie and mommy mode kick into gear. They needed a bath because they were dirty and stinky so it was really nice to be able to give them a bath and they looked so much better and smelled so much better too. She’s such an awesome mother seriously. The boys are ten years old and she still watches over them making sure there safe- and being good boys. She herself is a pup at heart and watching her play with her sons is so special to watch.

A wonderful bond between a mom and her boys. It’s so adorable and cute to watch her play with her sons and love on them and watch her sons play together. She’s such an amazing mother. But it’s sad that we can’t Breed her again because she had to get a C- section. She’s spayed and we’ll probably put her in a pet home.