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Starting training as early as possible is the best option when getting a puppy accustom to a lead. And I started to lead break him. We start our pups in the house and let them walk on their own without being directed first. That gets them used to the lead around the neck and actually moving with it on. The next step is to get them to follow you being baited with a yummy treat. I used American Cheese and there was a bit of stopping and staring but all in all he did a great job.

We hope to have him in the ring by next year and these are the first steps of getting him there. You start to lead break them at eight weeks old. And it takes sometime so you have to be patient and take your time you don’t want to rush it. You also don’t want to rush it or get mad or frustrated about it. So if he doesn’t want to walk don’t look at him and just do a light tug and call his name or talk to him. Just keep walking with him or her and just keep talking to him or her if it’s a boy or girl. Once you do that he or she will finally walk for you. Good Job Georgie.




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