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Sep 26

Going Home

Tipsy our long coat blue and white Chihuahua went into heat so my mom decide to breed her to one of Mrs. Sandy’s male chihuahua and he’s very nice and his name is Chico and he’s a smooth coat and he’s cream. So today we went and headed out to Ocala dog show grounds to pick up lil miss Horney Butt Tipsy.

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I love my dog Blue. She’s a Blue tribe and white spots smooth coat Chihuahua and she’s a female too. That’s why we called her Blue because she is blue. I love her very much. She’s my dog and she’s my favorite dog. We all have a favorite dog. My dog is Blue and my moms dog is Dewey and Olive and My dads dog is Dude and my brother Sterling’s dog is Cosmo and my other brother Bradley’s dog is Baby. Each one of us have our own favorite dog.

She’s my pet. She’s spayed and is a pet. Several of our dogs are spayed and Neutered and are pets.  We’ve had her for a very long time and we got her when she was a baby when she was a puppy and she was eight weeks old when we got her and she’s eight weeks old and she’ll be nine years old in November of 2016, My mom got her just for me. I asked my mom if we could get her because I wanted her and she said yes so we got her and we brought her home for the first time. She loves me and I love her and she sleeps in my room with me and she sleeps in bed with me.

She follows me where ever I go and she also gives me kisses and sometimes when I leave she gets all upset and will start to bark and whine and will sit by the gate and we whine for me and then when I get home she’ll see me and will get all excited and happy and will go crazy and will want me to pet her and give her love in’s and she gets very upset and jealous if I don’t pet her and pet another dog. She’ll come over and will paw at me and scratch me in the face so I’ll finally pet her. She just wants some attention. I love her very much at the bottom of my heart. And sometimes I love to dress her up. She’s my princess. She’s my baby girl and she’s kinda blue and blackish.