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What I am about to tell you is hands- down one of the most amazing stories ever and it’s a true miracle that it all went down like it did.

I was outside running the dogs sitting on the back deck on the stairs eating my leftover pizza and I was trying to enjoy my food and suddenly a big Hawk swooped down and picked up one of my puppies by the head with it’s claws. That’s when the dogs started going crazy and went up to the hawk and attacked it and then I got up and threw my plate and punched the Hawk several times and slapped it too until the bird dropped my dog and flew away.

I can’t believe! It swooped down right next to me! It was like two or three feet away from me and that’s pretty close. I was so upset and angry that I got up and punched the hawk. I was upset because it tried to take my puppy away and eat him. It finally saw me when I got up and punched it several times.

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