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We decided to stay an extra day so we left today to go home and we didn’t show Monday we only showed Saturday and Sunday. We only entered for those two days. We got to sleep in and we didn’t have to rush home we took our time. We decide to stay for one more day because we knew traffic wouldn’t be as bad on Monday but if we left on Sunday traffic would have been pretty bad coming home on a holiday. So that’s why we decide to leave Monday then Sunday.

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Today mom and I packed up our stuff and put it in the car and we also packed up our show dogs and left to go to Savannah Georgie for the weekend for dog show and to pick up Boomer. I’m getting him back. I’m so excited I’m getting him back. I’m sure he misses me. And were staying in a hotel. We had our own hotel room and Mrs. Rayna and her daughter had there own hotel room too.

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Sep 26

Going Home

Tipsy our long coat blue and white Chihuahua went into heat so my mom decide to breed her to one of Mrs. Sandy’s male chihuahua and he’s very nice and his name is Chico and he’s a smooth coat and he’s cream. So today we went and headed out to Ocala dog show grounds to pick up lil miss Horney Butt Tipsy.

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Look at Boomer and Margie. Margie is in heat so Mrs. Rayna decide to Breed Boomer to Margie. They’re making babies. Boomer is going to be a daddy again and Margie will be mother again too. Boomer is an awesome daddy to his babies and Margie is an amazing and awesome mother to her babies too.

Boomer is with Mrs. Rayna for awhile for me to get my stuff together and to focus on myself. Boomer has been with Mrs. Rayna and her daughter in South Carolina and I can’t wait for Boomer to be a daddy again I’m so excited. I wonder how many babies she’s going to have again.

Boomer is now a Daddy! Mrs. Rayna sent one of her female Pugs to us for us to breed to Boomer and her female pug is named Margie and Boomer is a male pug. She wanted to breed her to him because she wants Margie to have some babies.  When she she in heat we bred those two.

My mom had to meet Mrs. Rita somewhere and she brought Margie and Boomer to get her artificially inseminated. It’s hard for Pugs to tie so sometimes they need more help by getting them artificially inseminated. Sometimes you have to hold the female so Boomer can hump her and it’s hard for them to tie.

Then we gave her back to Mrs. Rayna and she told us that Margie is pregnant with babies and she’s has four.  The reason she knows because she felt her belly and she brought her to the vet to do x-rays to see how many babies there’s going to be. The vet said four. Wow I can’t wait when she has the babies soon and I also can’t wait to see them. I’ve never seen a baby Pug before so this was my first time ever seeing one. They’re so cute and adorable. This is not his first time ever being a daddy. He’s been a daddy before but we’ve never seen him be a daddy before so that’s cool to see him be a father to the babies.  It’s cool to see Margie be a mother to the babies.

Bubbles and her baby and we have to bottle feed the baby everyday. Every night and morning, every two hours apart. She only had one baby and that’s it. It’s a baby girl and were going to name her Olive. Actually my mom’s friend’s mother named her baby Olive. Mrs. Shelly’s mother named her Olive and that’s a cute name. I love that name for her. Mrs. Shelly and her mother got to see her come out and see her born because she did Face Time. You can see everything so Mrs. Shelly wanted to do FaceTime with my mom.

She’s very tiny but cute. We bred Bubbles to Tiger, one of Mrs. Rita’s male dog. We have to bottle feed her because Bubbles doesn’t really have enough milk for Olive so we made some goat milk for her. She drinks a lot of it and she loves it. She’s definitely hungry. And if she doesn’t drink any she could die and that wouldn’t be good at all.

You have to make sure that she’s getting the milk and the milk is coming out. If you do know she’s drinking the milk you’ll see milk on her tongue or on her face and your see white stuff all over her. This was Bubbles first time ever being a mother and that was also our first time breeding her. She’s a very good mother. We love Olive and we also love Bubbles.

It was sad to watch my mom leave with Gabbi today. She brought her up to Jacksonville to meet up with Ms. Rayna to bring her home. Just like with Margie, we tried really hard to help Boomer breed with Gabbi but they just couldn’t do it with out more help. My mom took Gabbi and Boomer to Mrs. Rita for her to help get her pregnant. Mrs. Rita artificial inseminated Gabbi, just like she did for Margie. Ms. Rayna said it worked with Margie because she has 4 puppies inside and will be giving birth to them really soon.

Just to help make sure she is pregnant my mom too them both to Dr Mario too last week. Boomer is still really interested in Gabbi so they decided to do another artificial insemination. I really hope it works because I really can’t wait to see Boomer’s babies. I bet they are going to be really cute!

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Bubbles is a very good mother and she’s very good at taking care of her baby. She clean’s it and licks it and protects it too. Today my best friend and her mother came over to see how the baby is doing and we all got to bottle feed the baby girl. Jillian and Mrs. Patti wanted to take turns bottle feeding Olive.

Bubbles and her baby Olive are so cute and adorable. Once Olive gets bigger and older she’s going to look like her mother Bubbles. Right now she looks like her father because her father is dark and she’s dark but once she gets bigger she’ll be light and she’ll look like her mother. And Olive will be lighter her color will.

Jillian and Mrs. Patti love her and think she’s cute and it’s true she is cute. Once everybody see’s the pictures of her they’re going to fall in love with her and say OMG she’s so cute and adorable. The reason why she’s so cute is because she’s tiny and everybody loves her color.

She whines a lot and it’s probably because she’s hungry or she wants her mother. She knows were holding her so maybe she’s nervous and doesn’t know what’s going on. When people see pictures of her there say I want her but they can’t have her because were keeping her and she’s my dog and she’s my favorite puppy. I’m so sorry.

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Bubbles had a baby girl and she’s very tiny but she’s very cute and adorable looking though. She’s white black and brownish and she looks like her father Tiger. We bred bubbles to tiger and tiger is a very beautiful dog. And the mother is beautiful too and of course they baby is too. This is her first time ever being a mother and having a baby too. She looks so cute when she was first born. She was born on January 14th 2015, on a Wednesday morning and Mrs. Shelly my mom’s friend got to see her born and they were doing face time together and Mrs. Shelly wanted to do face time so she could see the baby. Mrs. Shelly’s mother got to see her born too so she named her baby olive and that’s a cute name I love that name for her. Mrs. Shelly is a really nice person and she’s very sweet and nice and also funny too. She’s an amazing person and Shelly’s mother is too. So next year 2016 and when January 14 comes it will be her birthday and we will celebrate her birthday. Every puppy that I see first born is so adorable and cute looking. She’s so small that she can fit in your pocket in your pants or your pocket in your t- shirt or she could even fit in your purse or a cup. That’s how small she is. When you look at her though she’s so cute looking. I don’t care if she’s tiny but she’s still a cute little baby. I love her because she’s tiny and she’s a girl and I love her color and she’s one of my favorite puppies. She whines a lot because she probably wants her mother or she’s hungry. We have to bottle feed her because I don’t think her mother has milk so we have to make milk and give it to her and we want her nice and healthy and she’s sucking the milk off the bottle and that’s good.

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Bubbles isn’t very big her belly isn’t very big and we are thinking she’s only going to have two or one babies and we are hoping she has more then one baby and that would be nice and cool at least. My mom wants to bring her to the vet so they can do exxraces and see how many puppies she’s gotten have and if she does have two I think theres going to be one boy and one girl. We don’t know were have to find out and see. I love seeing them first born  there so cute when there first born and when there eyes are closed. There so cute. We bred her to Tiger and Tiger is one of my mom’s friends dog Mrs. Rita. Tiger is a really nice dog and he looks just like Teddy his father. Teddy looks like Tiger and Tiger looks like Teddy. Teddy was such a great dog but we had to snip him and find him a family pet home. Tiger and Teddy are both males and there long coats. I can’t wait when my mom brings her to the vet to do exxraces and see what doctor mario says and see how many babies she’ll have.

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