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Today Mrs. Jen and her daughter Brianna came over to our house to do dog class and also do some grooming tips on Boomer and KC before the dog show was coming up.

We used a striping blade and some grooming scissors and a brush to cut some of his hair off by his tail and by his butt and his back and also his chest too. You want to be very careful with a striping blade when you use it on your dogs because if you pull the dogs hair too hard you could hurt the dog or make the dog scream.  You have to be very careful and know what you’re doing. You don’t want to the dog bleed or have a scratch mark so that’s why you need to be careful with the blade. → Read more

Jun 10

Last Class

Today was our last dog class and I was working with KC and Brianna was working with Beamer. I was working with KC because I will be showing her in the Junior Chihuahua Specialty and I need to work really hard with her if I want to win and beat Rachel. KC did really good with me and I did really good with her. KC did really good with me in dog class today and I’m so proud of myself and I’m also so proud of KC too.

When I walked her she had her head up and her ears up and she also had her tail up too. She looked like she was happy and having fun and that’s good. Usually when I walk her she’s scared or nervous and she also usually shakes too but this time she didn’t and that’s good. When I stopped to bait her and she free stacked she did a great job. And when I got on the ground to stack her she had her ears up and her tail up and I had to hold her tail and the lead. She’s a great Junior dog for me to show in Juniors for Chihuahuas for the specialty. I was having fun and I was happy and I was also talking to her and I was walking the right speed with her. → Read more

Today Brianna and her mother Mrs. Jen came over and we did our dog training. This time,  I worked with my Junior dog Boomer, my mom worked with Tipsy and Brianna worked with her Junior dog, her Pomeranian. I learned a lot from Mrs. Jen.

When your dog is on the ground you want to reach down and grab the lead with your right hand. You wrap the lead around your neck and then you want to put the dog on the table and stack the dog on the table. It should only take five second’s to stack the dogs front legs and back legs and you shouldn’t ever keep messing with the dogs front and back legs. You don’t want to grab the dog’s rear pasterns,  you want to grab the hock. When you stack the front legs you want to grab the forearm. The back legs are called the hock and the front legs are called the rear pastern. → Read more

Today we had dog class at my house so Brianna and her mother Mrs. Jen came over and they have a couple of small dogs and they have a couple of big dogs so today she brought her Great Dane for me to work with it and I have never been able to work with a large breed dog before. Great Dane’s are pretty big dogs and their so cute. Her great dane is a boy and his name is Marty and he’s a very loving friendly sweet dog and he loves other people and he also loves other big dogs and small dogs. Marty is so cool! → Read more

Today we had dog class at our house in our front yard and Brianna and her mother, Mrs. Jen came over. Mrs. Jen was the Judge and there’s two mother’s name Mrs. Jen my mom and her mom. I worked with KC and Brianna worked with Beamer.

I have learned everything I know on showing a dog from watching others and I know how to show a toy breed dog because I have watched others show little toy breed dogs. and I would learn how to show a big breed dog from watching people show large breed dogs. I have payed attention to that.

KC and I did an awesome job. KC had her tail up when I walked her and we both did a great job. KC did an awesome job when I stacked her on the table and she also did an awesome job when I walked her and free stacking and baiting.

I also got to work with her big breed dog Marty the Great Dane. I enjoyed working with her Great Dane. He’s a really nice sweet dog and he loves other big dogs and small dogs. And of course our little adult Chihuahua name Beamer loves other dogs and he loves other small dogs and big breed dogs. → Read more

Today I decide to work on training Tipsy. We have made amazing progress with Tipsy walking on a lead but she is still not showing the confidence that we would like. With confidence you need a happy waggy tail and we haven’t had a tail raised! We also have stops and starts and I know it all stems from her lack of confidence.

My mom’s friend Sandy said training her with another dog that walks confidently might help. Little did I know that this one suggestion would change everything and change everything very quickly too!

I gave it ago with KC and it actually went quite well. When there’s another dog around she walks with her tail up and her ears up and she looked so good out there. They both did a good job. Tipsy’s tail was up and wagging . It was miracle! It worked perfectly.

Thank you Mrs. Sandy, you saved the day. You inspired us to do the same with the puppies. That’s a good ideal. I’m so happy that Tipsy is finally walking with her head high up and her tail up and also had her ears up too. She looked so confident and proud and she should be.

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We had conformation class and this was the final class before the Orlando shows so Hope and I wanted some training before the specialty and shows.

I worked with Bella and Hope worked with Spike. We both did a great job with our two dogs and also our two dogs did a great job as well.

When I entered the ring with Bubbles she was nervous but did a great job. She walked with me and I was so proud of her because she actually walked. I didn’t think she would walk but I was wrong.  I am so very proud of her for walking.

Spike rocked it in the ring with Hope. When he walked he had his tail up the entire time and I’m so proud of him too. Hope has done a wonderful job working with him.

Bubble’s tail went up and her confident kicked into gear when she stepped in the ring and we now got to see what happen’s this coming weekend.

Hope’s little nephew Matt worked with Beamer and he did a pretty good job with Beamer and Beamer did a great job with little Matthew.

Tonight my mom and I went to conformation class and we brought my new pug named Boomer. This was his first time going to dog class and this was my first time getting to show him. He did a great job! We have to work on getting him to come up to the judge though. He hesitates a bit but I am sure he hasn’t shown in a while and we just need to get him back into show mode.

Hope and her mom Mrs. Ernestine went too. I showed Boomer and Hope showed her Mastiff Ramona. Ramona loves Boomer and Boomer loves Ramona. It’s very hard to show a pug’s bite and it’s hard to open a pug’s mouth.  You have to rub your thumb to feel the bite and that’s how you present a pug per the standard.  You also have to do that to a bulldog and a boxer when they have that smooched in face and nose. Some Judge’s don’t know the breed standards on a pug and some Judge’s do.

Boomer is a very loving dog and he’s very playful friendly and sweet and he’s also laid back too that loves other dogs and people. He’s a really nice dog and they shed a lot too. And he loves me very much. I am his mommy and he is a good boy. I love him and he loves me. He follows me where ever I go. He’s a very funny dog too. I love bringing him to dog class and I love to show him.

He did an awesome job in conformation class tonight. He’s a great Junior dog for me. My mom did a picture of us two with our dogs and Hope’s dog Ramona gave Boomer kisses in the ears and he loved it very much. Ramona is a very sweet dog and they both are sweet dogs.

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Tonight we had conformation class with tonight’s focus being back onto our Chihuahuas. Hope brought Spike and she worked with him and I brought Beamer to practice to help build up his confidence in the ring. He needs to be confident and relax.

Both of the boys did a great job in class tonight. Me and Hope and the dogs were all giggling and playful and having a great time. And at the conformation class the building can get very cold and that was until the boys noticed the air vent in the back of the corner of the room. The buildings here at the fairgrounds are metal and full of echoes and noises and they were getting freaked out. Both boys are still very young so to have them exposed now is great thing and all three dogs did a fantastic job.

Hope worked with Spike and Smoochie and I worked with Beamer. Your supposed to be focusing on your dog and the judge not the people or there other dogs. We brought Smoochie for some socialization because she needs to be socialized with other big breed dogs and people. She got a lot of holding ring side and that’s what she needs. We decided to give her a go for the last trip around the ring for the night and she did a pretty good job. She was still spooked but showing her it’s all going to be ok and having a wonderful instructor that wouldn’t let her get away with it was great.

The lady was very nice and calm about it and she was patient and gentle. We made it so that we ended the night on a major positive note so we decide to send her home with Hope and her mom Mrs. Ernestine. We sent her home with Hope for some exposure and socialization.

We ended the class with a very good day and a very fun day too. I’m so happy that Beamer Smoochie and Spike did a great job at dog class tonight. In the few past days at conformation class I’ve been learning a lot so far from Mrs. Mary Lynn and that’s very good.

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Today my mom and I went to conformation class and my friend Hope and her mom went to class as well. This year they have changed up the schedule a bit with Tuesday’s classes being held at 7:00pm and Wednesday’s at 8:00pm. Wednesday classes have always been smaller so I hope we could get Smoochie a bit of one-on-one experience.

All I can say is I watched our reserved little one become terrified and nippy in less than five minutes. Tonight’s class had no other toy breeds and that was the first mistake. A five month old Chihuahua in a ring with dogs 300% bigger than her and didn’t start out very well because she’s scared of the big dogs and I understand why.  She was walking with big dogs and when there was a big dog behind us the dog came up too close and freaked her out so she stopped and slammed on the break. I tugged as not to be left behind in the group. She’s a scared little Chihuahua and that’s all.

We need to start bringing her to shows and events and pass her around to other people so people can hold her and pet her because she needs to get socialize with other people and dogs. And she also needs to quit being so afraid of other people and she needs to learn to not growl or bite other people because that’s wrong and not nice. Maybe next time we bring her to dog class she’ll do a better job.

Mrs. Maria was so nice to help us make make the experience a more positive one for Smoochie even after she tried to bite Mrs. Maria on the table. Mrs. Maria and Mrs. Kristie were holding Smoochie to give her a start on her socialization.

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