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Today I showed Margie in Toy for Groups and there weren’t a lot of people in Groups. I was in the ring with Mrs. Dolly and Darius the two Chihuahua people that I know. Margie and I did an awesome job but Margie didn’t win but that’s alright. The guy Judge was very nice.

After I was done showing in Groups I showed Boomer in Owner Handler. The reason they call it Owner Handler is because you’re the Owner and your also the Handler so that’s why it’s called Owner Handler. → Read more

Today I showed in AKC Owner- Handler and we both did an awesome job.  There were a lot of people in Owner- Handler.  I was in the ring with two people that I do know is Mrs. Michele and Mrs. Sandy St. John and there were seven people in the ring total. The lady with the Poodle got first place and I got Second Place in Owner- Handler.

I already showed in Breed for Pugs and I also showed in Juniors and then Groups and then Owner- Handler and it was a very busy day and I did an awesome job today. It was a busy day for Boomer and I. I was so excited that I placed second in Owner- Handler. Mrs. Sandy’s dog placed fourth and that’s still pretty good she and her dog did a great job too. Owner- Handler is very cool. It’s a very good experience for Boomer and I. The reason they call it Owner Handler because your the owner and your also the handler so that’s why they call it owner handler.

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