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Getting ready for tomorrow. I bathed Cinder to get her ready for the dog show tomorrow. I used Isle of dogs Shampoo and Conditioner.  After I was done bathing her I put her on the grooming table and then I blowed dried her with the dog blow dryer. Then I trimmed her up a little bit so she would look nice and clean for the dog show tomorrow and smell good too. I trimmed her face, her whiskers and I also trimmed up her feet and clipped her nails too. I want her to look beautiful and pretty for tomorrow.

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Today I bathed Boomer and I also blowed dried him outside on the deck and I’m getting him ready for the dog show tomorrow. → Read more

Today I decide to give Ginny a Buzz because she really needed one and had a lot of hair. She looks better buzzed then having so much hair. And I got out all of my grooming supplies and I’m the grooming expert. Usually I have to Buzz her down every one month or a couple of weeks because it kinda grows by fast. We have two trimmers. We have one small one and one big one. Actually we have three. We have two small one’s and one big one. The big one is Blue and the two small one’s or are old and gray and black. But I used the big blue one on her to give her a puppy cut. But I finally had to use the little gold one because the big blue one died so I had to charge it to let it charge while I use the little gold one. When you trim a dog a little dog or a big Breed dog you have to be very rental and careful to not cut the dog or hurt it. When Ginny has a lot of hair she looks kinda fat but when she doesn’t have a lot of hair she doesn’t look fat at all so that’s why I also shave her down and make her look pretty. She’s a beautiful dog. She’s white with blue markings. She’s such a great dog. She’s so sweet and friendly and lade back and loves other people but sometimes she can be shy. She’s an awesome Chihuahua. I enjoy grooming her. I enjoy grooming dogs and bathing them. I love all kinds of dogs. I also clipped her nails and trimmed up the hair around her feet and ears. Ginny is as happy now. She loved her puppy cut.

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I decide to bathe Smoochie’s two puppies Georgie and Kid. This was there first bath and of course when I was giving them a bath, Smoochie was just sitting there watching me bathe her two puppies. They were watching their mother and they were looking down at her. She’s probably thinking, what are you doing with my babies? What are you doing touching my puppies? That’s what she’s thinking in her head. She’s on mommy watch.

I bathed both of the boys and I have to say it was adorable to watch Smoochie and mommy mode kick into gear. They needed a bath because they were dirty and stinky so it was really nice to be able to give them a bath and they looked so much better and smelled so much better too. She’s such an awesome mother seriously. The boys are ten years old and she still watches over them making sure there safe- and being good boys. She herself is a pup at heart and watching her play with her sons is so special to watch.

A wonderful bond between a mom and her boys. It’s so adorable and cute to watch her play with her sons and love on them and watch her sons play together. She’s such an amazing mother. But it’s sad that we can’t Breed her again because she had to get a C- section. She’s spayed and we’ll probably put her in a pet home.

I decide to take Boomer a bath because he needed one really bad and my mom’s friend has said when you blow dry him do it outside because there will be hair all over the deck and you won’t have to clean it up but if you blow dry him inside it will make a mess and you will have to clean it up so it’s easier blow drying him outside then inside. Blow drying your dog outside is very smart and that’s a very good idea and it’s also a very smart idea too. And if you blow dry your dog outside the dog will dry faster. It didn’t take me very long to blow dry Boomer outside then inside. After I was done blow drying him and made sure he was dried I put some smelly goods on him to make him smell good and look good. He looked so nice and clean. So every time I get him ready for a dog show I’m going to blow dry him outside then inside


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Today Mrs. Jen and her daughter Brianna came over to our house to do dog class and also do some grooming tips on Boomer and KC before the dog show was coming up.

We used a striping blade and some grooming scissors and a brush to cut some of his hair off by his tail and by his butt and his back and also his chest too. You want to be very careful with a striping blade when you use it on your dogs because if you pull the dogs hair too hard you could hurt the dog or make the dog scream.  You have to be very careful and know what you’re doing. You don’t want to the dog bleed or have a scratch mark so that’s why you need to be careful with the blade. → Read more

Today I decide to give Ginny a puppy cut. My parents me got a Wahl Arose cordless Trimmer in Funky cool teal as a Birthday present so I thought I would give it a try. That was an awesome Birthday Present!  As much as I loved using the Andis AGC super 2- speed during my grooming lessons I was told the cordless ones are easier  on your back and wrist and of course you don’t have to fight with the cord! My mom decide to try a cordless one

I like the cordless trimer better. Without the help of an instructor and going from my memory I gave Ginny her puppy cut. It has been a while sinceI had a lesson so I have to say I think I did an amazing job on her!

When my mom saw me pull at the scissors and trim around the ears and feet she was like amazed and she was like oh wow you’re doing a great job. I enjoy grooming small dogs and big breed dogs that have a lot of hair. Ginny looks so much better trimmed up and I had a great time grooming my dog.

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Grooming Lessons at my best friend’s house. I know how to groom dogs and I’m very good at it. I enjoy grooming dogs and taking care of them. I’m very good at what I do. And I love all kind’s of dogs and I love to take care of all kind’s of dogs and I also love to groom all kind’s of dogs too.

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