Today we brought our two white puppies named Ty and Milly to get socialize because they   do need to be socialized with other big dogs and people. We need to take them out more. So today we thought we could bring them to the dog show so people can pet them and hold them.

They’re very scared and shy little puppies. They finally won’t be shy anymore and will warm up to you once they get to know you. Some Chihuahuas are very afraid and are shy but some Chihuahuas aren’t shy or afraid. Other different kinds of breeds are scared and shy too and need to be socialize too. It’s a good experience for the dogs.

We stayed for groups and I love staying and watching groups. All of the dogs that got best of breed they then go to groups and compete against each other and sometimes they will win groups and will go to Best In Show and sometimes they will win in Best In Show. My Pug has won best of breed and has been in groups but he has never won in groups before. That would be cool if he did win groups and then went to Best In Show. It’s mostly professional handlers that are in groups and it’s hard to try to beat professional handlers because there really good at dog showing.

There’s a lot of professional handers out there but there’s a lot of people that aren’t professional handlers. Most of my mom’s chihuahua friends stayed to watch groups. And my mom and her friend Mrs. Michele got to watch me show in breed for pugs. And my mom’s vet named Doctor Mario and his wife went to the dog show because he wants to see what a dog show is like.  He wants to start getting into dog showing and he wants to show a big breed dog. He wants an Australian Cattle dog and he wants to show it. Also my mom’s other friend named Mrs. Shannon went too the dog show as well. She also wants to get into dog showing as well. She wants to show Chihuahuas and she wants her own show dog so she can show it. That was her first time ever going to a dog show and it was Doctor Mario’s first time going to a dog show as well. It’s a very good experience for Mrs. Shannon and Doctor Mario too. She has Chihuahuas but they’re not show dogs, they’re pets.

It was an awesome fun day another fun day at the dog show. I stayed for groups to watch my new friend Lilia show in groups and she did a really good job in groups and I also watched Mrs. Michele’s friend show one of her dog’s named Jake and I also stayed to watch Brianna show her Pomeranian in Juniors.

I hung out with Lilia and her mother and we talked and chit chat and we hand over one of our puppies  to her so she could socialize the puppy. Our two little white puppies need to be socialize by other adults and kids and dogs.Lilia and her mother are very nice people and there also very good people.

Today I showed Boomer in Juniors and there were five in my class again and of course myself so six total. We all did an amazing job and we all do a very great job in Juniors. The Judge was very nice.  She was a very nice and happy Judge. → Read more

Today I showed in Breed for pugs and I wasn’t only pug it was me and Boomer and Mrs. Linda and her pug. She showed Rufus’s son and he’s a little bit smaller then Boomer. He is bigger than Rufus and Rufus’s son. They both look alike and I didn’t win against Mrs. Linda. I lost but that’s ok though. I got select and I still got a ribbon. She got Best Of Breed and I’m not upset that she beat me and got best of breed. I don’t care if I don’t get best of breed because there’s times I do get best of breed and go into groups so I don’t care if I don’t get Best Of Breed. I don’t care if I don’t got into groups but I’m happy for her and her dog because they both did a good job and I did a good job too. → Read more

Today we had a dog show  in Deland and I showed in Pugs and in Juniors. There were five other Juniors in my open senior class and of course myself, so six of us total. We all did an awesome job and the Judge was nice but this other girl named Lilia and I didn’t win or get a ribbon. We both didn’t get a ribbon but that’s alright.

The Judge should have placed Lilia and I because he told all of us to stop and free stack our dogs and Lilia and I did that. We did it correctly and we both listened to the Judge but the other Juniors didn’t. They hand stacked their dogs and he rewarded them for doing something wrong. He also rewarded them for not listening and for hand stacking their dogs and that’s not right. They were suppose to do what we did and they didn’t. There’s only four ribbon’s and I can’t believe he didn’t place us two oh well. It’s just what it is you know. Maybe next time. → Read more

Today we had a dog show and I showed in Pugs and it was me and Mrs. Linda. I had to compete against her and she’s really hard to beat. I was so nervous because I know she’s really good and her dog is really good too. I know that her and her dog are better then me and Boomer. And of course her dog beat my dog. Her dog got Best Of Breed and Boomer got Select. Select is still pretty good.

I’m sure her Pug has beaten other people and their dogs and I’m sure people have lost to her. She’s been doing it for a very long time and that’s why she’s so good. She’s a very nice and sweet lady though and she’s also very pretty too. She did an awesome job at stacking Rufus’ son on the table and she did an awesome job at walking him. She walks really fast and the Pug does too.

You’re supposed to walk fast with a Pug and the Pug is suppose to walk fast as well. The handler needs to keep up with the dog and the dog needs to catch up with the handler. Sometimes you want to run with the Pug but not too fast. Some people will run too fast and will hit the gate and will fall and hurt themselves or will trip over the mats or the gate. Some people need to be more careful and need to pay attention.

I knew her dog was going to beat my dog and I knew her dog would win best of breed. I wasn’t upset or anything. I lost to her I was actually happy for her and her dog. I still did a great job and I still think Boomer did a nice job too.

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Today we went to the  Daytona Beach Chihuahua De Mayo event where they needed 200 chihuahuas to break a record. It was me and my mom and Jillian and her mother Mrs. Patti and we had an awesome time.

Jillian brought Bubbles and my mom and I brought Beamer, KC, Tipsy and our two white puppies named Ty and Milly. We also had to dress them up in costumes and they all looked so cute. All the Chihuahuas there that were wearing costumes looked so cute and adorable.

They had to count how many Chihuahuas were there to win the Guiness World Record. None of our Chihuahuas won the consume contest but my mom’s friend Mrs. Shannon’s dog Sugar won prize. She got to go up on stage. Sugar looked so pretty!

We got to stand by the stage with our Chihuahuas to get a picture taken. Some people were taking pictures of us with our Chihuahuas. Three of them looked up at the camera but three of them didn’t look up at the camera though but that’s alright. Milly looked so cute in her princess dress. We had a blast and an awesome time. We’ve never ever been to one of those events before so it was pretty cool to see what it was like. They also had a parade too for the dogs and that was really fun. We had a good time with our friends and they have it ever year. There were about 200 chihuahuas.

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When we were at the show in Zolfo Springs, Mrs. Rita brought Sweetie along with her so we could bring her home with us. We gave her to Mrs. Rita so she could show her. Mrs. Rita really wanted to show her but now she can’t because she’s got a really bad bite. The bite is off so Mrs. Rita decide to give her back to us. She said she has a really bad bite so we need to place her into a pet home. → Read more

Today I showed in Juniors at Zolfo Springs and after packing up all of our dogs we all decide it was too hot to do anything but live in the car with A/C running from about 11 am until 2 pm. My mom says that the next time we show here, we will get a hotel room, even if it is for us to use for just during the day! → Read more

Apr 18

So Hot!

After waking up at 4am, packing up gear for a long drive and a very long day, the sweat beads appeared as we unpacked for our 8:30am ring time in Zolfo Springs Florida. It is going to be a very hot day! → Read more

Today my mom and I showed in Elkton. Juniors were at 8:00am and Pugs were at 8:30. I had to decide which one to stick with and I decide to stick with Pugs and show in breed

I was kinda disappointed because Boomer was the only Pug in the ring so of course Boomer got the Best Of Breed ribbon. I really wanted to show in Juniors but I didn’t make it to Juniors’ ring in time.  Oh well though. It happens. → Read more