Flames Lined Belly Band

Flames Lined Belly Band



Product Description

Created with machine washable cotton fabric and a soft, flannel lining as well. The inner layer is PUL fabric (Polyurethane Laminate) which creates a waterproof barrier to catch any urine from seeping through if your dog leaks through a sanitary pad. It has a 2″ wide secure Velcro fastener to keep it snug and tight. You place a sanitary napkin inside the center of the belly band for absorbency – changing the pad as necessary.

We totally recommend that you keep more than one belly band on hand. While washing one band, you can have another on hand!

Waist (inches)
XXXX Small 6.5-8″
XXX Small 7-9 “
XX Small 9-11″
X Small 11-13″
Small 12-14″


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